Chemo-Medica is registered in Malta and is an international company, which trades worldwide with active ingredients and raw materials for the Pharmaceutical, Food, and Cosmetics industry.

Qualified and experienced technical staff is dedicated to fulfill all clients' demands and reputable manufacturers of API's and raw materials have entrusted Chemo-Medica with the distribution of their products.

Chemo-Medica is committed to the most advanced quality standards and regulatory excellence that enable us to meet the expectations of both customers and regulatory agencies worldwide.

In-house logistics management ensures competitive freight charges.

Wide range of offered substances and services for the strategic market coverage.

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Contact Details for Sales and Distribution
Chemo-Medica Ltd
193, St. Patrick's Court, Flat 1
St. Philip Street
Birzebbugia BBG2348

Tel:+356 20101124
Fax:+356 20101125